Ebel Replica Watch

In 1911, Alice Blum started Fabrique Ebel, Blum & Cie working with four letters for new brand extracted from their unique: Engravings Blum et Levy. After its start in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Ebel's initially and technical flawlessness were widely known especially in the decorative ring timepieces establishing it as a trailblazer in the fine jewelry watch market. The company also well understood the output of robust high-performance watches and was thus a certified outfitted of the Royal Air Force during Second World War. Ebel's past is telling: Caliber 96, only 1.7 mm high, was a comet screaming the way toward the days of movement miniaturization. Caliber 059, on the other hand, was a movement the emblem developed in 1961 that has a crown on the case back so they won't disturb the flow of decorative watches. From 1977, the Classique and 1911 models set new standards in design and functionality-pillars that the brand has enhanced in recent history. Last Season, Ebel Replica Wristwatches also extended its Classic Hexagon line with the awesome chronograph model.

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