Maurice Lacroix Replica Watch

The relatively young company has managed to create masterful watches since 1975. Furthermore, Maurice Lacroix has impressively established its own identity and secured a firm foothold in the world of fine watches. Maurice Lacroix is a diverse name that combines traditional craftsmanship with international spontaneity, sporty athleticism with elegant chic, and mechanical manufacture calibres with precise quartz movements. The Swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix manufactures their timepieces in two separate production facilities located in Saignel¨¦gier and Montfaucon. Half of the watches produced by the house are equipped with mechanical movements ¨C most of which are produced in-house. Despite the company s high level of vertical integration and the numerous awards that have been bestowed upon their timepieces, Maurice Lacroix creations are relatively affordable instruments that appeal to both watch experts and amateur watch enthusiasts alike. The unique design languages of the watches combined with their sophisticated technical details define Maurice Lacroix models as masterpieces of watchmaking. The superb timepieces leave nothing to be desired and simply convince both ladies and gentlemen alike.

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